Academy School District 20

1110 Chapel Hills DriveColorado Springs, Colorado 80920


Academy School District 20 is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The district has 40 total schools in operation with over 26,600 students enrolled.

The district has faced an enormous amount of scrutiny due to allegations that a teacher from Chinook Trail Middle School has been taping masks to students’ mouths. Tom Gregory, Superintendent of Academy 20, sent a letter to the district discussing the allegations. Gregory said, “These are serious allegations that have charged a great deal of emotion and judgement. We cannot and should not jump to conclusions. We take these allegations seriously and are following policy and procedures to conduct an internal investigation that includes well over 100 initial and follow-up interviews. We must trust the process and respect all parties involved.”

A sixth grader sent her mother a picture of the mask taped to her face, which led to the student then sharing that teachers have been enforcing a policy that students will have their masks taped to their face if the mask goes below the students nose.


October 25, 2021

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The Board of Education has five elected voting members, and one non-voting member appointed by the U.S. Air Force Academy. A board member serves a four-year term and members can choose to run for a second, continuous term. School Board Elections occur during the November General Election on odd years. The board oversees a budget of $547.4 million.
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