Anchorage School District

5530 East Northern Lights BoulevardAnchorage, Alaska 99504


The Anchorage School District manages all public schools within the Municipality of Anchorage. It is the largest school district in the state of Alaska, serving nearly 50,000 students at over 90 schools.

The district has ruled that masks will be required for the 2021-22 school year. The Mayor of Anchorage has spoken out aggressively against mandates of any kind, specifically the mask mandate currently in place in the Anchorage School District. Immediately after the district’s decision, Mayor Dave Bronson posted the following tweet: “My position has been, and will continue to be, very clear on the issue of COVID mandates: I am opposed to mandates. I am opposed to mandates masking our residents and our children. I am opposed to mandates shutting down our businesses. I am opposed to mandating vaccinations. Anchorage residents should be free to make their own decisions about their healthcare, about their families, and about their children’s education.”

The district passed an “Anti-Racism” policy early in 2021, which was later signed off on by Superintendent Deena Bishop. On the district’s website, it says, “Anti-racism is the practice of identifying, challenging, and changing the values, structures, and behaviors that perpetuate systemic racism, racial hatred, bias, and the oppression of marginalized groups. The Board values critical thinking on the history of racism in Alaska, America, and around the world and the current structural, explicit, and unconscious biases toward people of different races.”


Updated – October 4, 2021

Board Members:

Carl JacobsSeat G
Margo BellamySeat A
Kelly LessensSeat B
Andy HollemanSeat D
Dave DonleySeat C
Pat HigginsSeat E
Dora WilsonSeat F

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The Anchorage School Board is a municipal-wide elected body with governance responsibility for the Anchorage School District. The board is made up of seven members, each serving four year terms.
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