Ann Arbor Public Schools

2555 South State StreetAnn Arbor, Michigan 48104


Ann Arbor Public Schools is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The district has over 18,000 students enrolled with a total of 32 schools in operation. Ann Arbor Public Schools is the fourth largest school district in Michigan. 

AAPS and the city of Ann Arbor have gotten extreme pushback when it comes to mandating vaccines for teachers and faculty. The largest amount of pushback has come from the teachers union. AAPS already required weekly COVID testing for employees who were unvaccinated starting in July 2021. 

AAPS has an Equity Plan and an entire Equity Team for the district. According to their plan, AAPS working definition of equity is “the moral responsibility of each member of our learning community to take the intentional actions necessary to create a learning community free of barriers, biases, and disproportionality for each and every person regardless of personal characteristics and social circumstances.” The five pillars of equity for the district are:

  1. Perpetuating Systems of Equity and Opportunity
  2. Courageous, Equity-Centered Leadership
  3. Systemic Transformation of Culture
  4. Equity-Centered School and Classroom Practices
  5. Family and Community Empowerment


Updated – October 4, 2021

Board Members:

Susan BaskettSecretary, Legislative Representative
Krystle DuPreeTrustee
Jeffrey GaynorTrustee
Bryan JohnsonPresident
Jessica KellyVice President
Rebecca LazarusTreasurer, Parliamentarian
Ernesto QuerijeroTrustee

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Board details:

Board of Education elections are held in November of even-numbered years. The board consists of seven members with a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary elected among themselves. The board oversees a budget of $282.7 million.
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