Santa Barbara Unified School District

720 Santa Barbara StreetSanta Barbara, California 93101


Santa Barbara Unified School District serves the city of Santa Barbara and Goleta and California. The district serves 14,335 students.

In August 2021, the Santa Barbara Unified School Board passed a resolution mandating all school employees to be vaccinated against COVID. Staff for the school district are expected to be vaccinated prior to the start of the school year or must undergo mandatory testing. The Board further voted to implement mandatory COVID-19 testing for all K-12 students

Soon after the vote, the governor, Gavin Newsom, mandated that all educational staff in California public schools submit proof of vaccination or undergo weekly COVID testing, beginning in the Fall 2021 Semester. 

The district’s school board has previously attracted headlines for its controversial votes. In June of 2020, the board met to declare a week in February as an annual, “Black Lives Matter in School Week.” In January of 2021, the school board voted to eliminate “D’s,” and “F’s” from student transcripts

Upon implementation, students will now receive an “incomplete” or a “no credit” instead of a failing grade. The policy was specifically tailored to benefit minority and low-income students that had been negatively impacted by virtual learning since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. 


Updated – September 29, 2021

Board Members:

Kate Ford President
Rose MunozVice President
Wendy Sims-MotenClerk
Virginia AlvarezMember
Laura CappsMember

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The Santa Barbara Unified School District consists of 21 schools and currently enrolls 13,762 students. The Santa Barbara Unified School board consists of 5 members that are elected to 4 years terms. Elections are staggered and held in even-numbered years.
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